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The upscale communities of Windermere and the Lake Butler areas are an excellent choice for families to consider, with an enviable combination of good schools, low crime, and a high rate of home ownership. Windermere and Butler have all the prerequisites that any discerning family would look for when choosing a good community to live and raise a family in.

Pristine sand bottom lakes surround the town of Windermere, a small west Orange County community. The largest lake, Lake Butler, is located on the west, Lake Down on the east and Lake Bessie on the southeast side of town. The boating, fishing and water enthusiast will revel in the system of canals that connects eleven lakes that range in size from 25 acres to 1614 acres. Known as the Butler Chain of Lakes, this chain was designated by the Florida legislature as “Outstanding Florida Waters.”

Windermere was bestowed its name from Dr. Stanley Scott, whose father purchased 160 acres in this picturesque location in 1885. Dr. Scott built his home on the shore of Lake Butler, and it is believed by many that he named this town after England’s famous Lake Windermere.

Today, Windermere is a quaint architectural mixture ranging from moderate to estate homes. The community, bases its success not on how rapidly it grows, but on how natural and pleasant a community it is in which to reside. Windermere is focused on preserving the town’s nature and strong community atmosphere and its quality of life is its most distinguishing...

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