Independent Is Better

With an industry trending toward huge offices, mega sales teams and high-volume, high-pressure sales tactics it is no wonder that buyers and sellers are looking for a more personalized, boutique experience. Only independent Agencies like TransAct Brokers can offer this.

You won’t find a limited-support, 100% commission structure at TransAct Brokers.

If you envisioned your real estate career as becoming just another “revenue unit,” telemarketing stale leads for your dinner, you’ll soon come to realize that the 100% comes at a heavy price.

But if you want to become a respected industry professional, develop deep personal client relationships, maintain a life-long returning customer base and execute a marketing plan to weather the ups and downs of a fickle real estate market then TransAct Brokers may be the agency for you.

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It’s not just about you anymore.

You can’t just rest on your good name. With over *90% of all homeowners beginning their home search online getting customers through the door and keeping them there is a bigger job than it used to be. A solid e-marketing plan, great interactive website and contact management system, combined with online and mail campaigns, newsletters and blogs are all items in the TransAct Brokers toolbox to put you over the top in today’s fast paced, competitive market.

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Highly accessibly equals highly successful.

In today’s aggressive and compliance ridden market you want a ringer in your corner. Leverage over 20 years of real estate experience through a supportive and highly accessible broker with a vested interest in your success. There’s a big difference between surviving and thriving. It has always been our goal to provide the support necessary for you to put your best foot forward. It is not unusual for the principle broker to accompany agents to tricky closings, assist with a tough sale or simply field questions . . . during hours, after hours, anytime. Your success is our good name.

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